Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Wheeeeeee, Jenny posting time!!!

Kenny’s being a really stupid jerk about his blog now. He didn’t used to let me read his blog, but now he won’t even let me read the comments on my own posts, because he says its too dangerous! Stupid jerkface! >:(

But there’s good stuff to talk about too! We’ve got someone new with us! Dumas is really cool and nice, not like that mopey meanie Kenny. :P Dumas says he’s only been running from Slender Man for a month, which makes me the senior runner to him. And I will use the power of seniority to rule with an iron fist, and make him carry all the heavy stuff and take my watch shift so I can sleep! >:) But don’t fear, because I will be a kind ruler, and teach him the many things I know about running!~

It’s going to be soooo cool with five of us now!


  1. Insanity's nowhere in sight, so I might as well say it before he does.

    Commence the shit being thrown at the fan.

    But seriously, I can see this going completely side ways.

    - Mr. Incognito.

  2. That poor creature... good luck little girl... thing.

  3. THE DEMON SHOWS ITS TRUE COLORS! Strike her down NOW before its FAR to late to stop her. HURRY, do it with FIRE!

    1. You are a strange, strange person. I like your style.

    2. Thanks! And once again, KILL THE CHILD.