Thursday, March 15, 2012

A Start to Wandering

You're probably wondering who I am.  I really don't have the concentration to get it all out at once, but I suppose I should let you guys know the basics of how I got involved in this.

I've been a reader of the blogs for a while now.  Or I used to be, back before I knew they were real.  About four months ago, I started wandering.  After they died.  After I had nothing left.  I couldn't let Him hurt anyone else, so I refused to live with anyone else.  But I'm not a legal adult yet.  I couldn't live on my own or collect any sort of inheritance.  So I sold everything.  My car.  My computer.  My games and most of my books.  I couldn't afford to be paying any sort of bills.  Gas was too expensive.  Internet was too expensive.  Phone service was too expensive.

So I cut myself off from the world.  I started wandering.  Staying where I could.  I was able to check the blogs when I managed to get access to a computer and internet.  It's only now, after I've managed to require some generous soul's old laptop and a wireless internet card that I've been able to start blogging myself.

I generally travel light.  I have a few necessities and a bit of entertainment, but I do a lot of walking and traveling.  I don't have a lot of time to sit around, and if it weren't for my circumstances, I'd say that an internet connection is a bit frivolous.  But I'm only using it for these blogs.  I need to know what other people are doing to stay safe from Him.  I need the support of the community.  I've been doing this for four months on my own.  I can't do it alone much longer.

So that's what I'm doing here.  Looking for advice and help.  I'll do what I can.  I've worked for food and shelter before.  I know that I can think of something I can do in exchange for help.  I'm good with that.

Oh, and just a quick postscript...I've read parts of a lot of blogs, but there are some I haven't read and a lot I haven't caught up on yet.  Anyone have any good suggestions of where to start?


  1. Being a part of a community is always a good thing. Having others to depend on, who can depend on you, even having someone to talk to so you are not alone. Loneliness can kill under the right circumstances.

  2. Try following the blogs of your followers as they show up. It may help a little, in the long run. At least then you'll know who you're talking to.

  3. Welcome to it, though unfortunately things seem to be fraying, lately.
    I wish I trusted myself to give you advice, as it stands... you seem to be doing pretty well for yourself.

  4. There isn't really any advice, nothing beyond 'the power of friendship' and such. I figured it out, you either throw yourself in front of a bus, or he'll make you wish you did.