Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A Staff

That's all I need.  A backpack.  The clothes on my back.  And a good, sturdy staff.

A staff is support.  It holds you up.  Keep you from stumbling and falling.  Lighten the load.  It's a friend that you can always lean on.  If you hurt yourself, it makes a great crutch or cane.

A staff is protection.  If you're attacked, you can fend whoever's assaulting you off.  It's usually non-lethal, but a good whack on the head can do some serious damage if your self-defense needs to get just a bit more aggressive.

A staff is a tool.  It can become an essential part of any larger structure.  Add a tarp and some supports, and it's a tent.  Add some string and a hook, and it can become a fishing pole.  There are a lot of things you can use a staff for.

I call it Lily.  My staff.  Every tool of great importance should have a name.  Mine's named Lily.  After her.  That way, she's still with me.  Even now.  Even after all these months.

I still miss her.

But she keeps me going.  Going down the road.  Where?  I don't know.  But as long as I have Lily by my side, I'll get there.  I know I will.


  1. I dub thee, the Red Mage. Why? Because I'm bored.

  2. I approve of the title, even if we really aren't doing that anymore. Greetings Wanderer, where are you going?

    See you aorund

    1. Nowhere in particular. That's what makes wandering different than traveling.

      At the moment, though, north. Spring is coming, so it's starting to warm up. I'm not being forced down into the warmer climates anymore.

    2. I wasn't pulling a White Light, I was teasing him for using a Kenshin avatar. And making a silly Final Fantasy reference. <3

    3. Ah, so you recognize Kenshin. I'm glad that at least one person will.

  3. The Mad Ventriloquist and David had a daughter named Lily.

    He misses her.

    He also uses a baseball bat kind of like a staff. Except they're smaller and are very good at hitting balls and stuff.

    1. ....I could insert a gay joke. I could make several jokes about the death of those named Lily.

      But I won't. I'll stay classy.

      And simply make a joke about hitting balls with baseball bats are painful and mean. Though, that staff of his..

      No, no, I'll finally be serious. Kid probably needs some help, from the way he's acting over on Elaine's blog.

  4. Staves are good.
    They support you.
    People also support you.
    Good luck Wonderer.

    You will need it.

    1. I am sorry.
      I seem to have misspelled your name.

      Apologies for that.