Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Going North

Spring's coming soon.  By the time I make it up north, it'll probably be here.  Finally, winter's ending.

I've been down south for a while now, just because it's warmer.  Now I can maybe make it to Jersey.  I hear there are a lot of us in that area.  Maybe I'll find someone on the way.

I'm short on cash now.  This internet card took more than I could really afford.  It's not a luxury, though.  It's almost a necessity.  I've been running low on money lately, and I can't afford hotels much longer.

I slept on a roof last night.  Not because of M's rules.  Just because it was a nice night with a clear sky.  Found a farmhouse as I was walking, and I climbed up while they were asleep.  Had to be careful not to attract their attention, and I had to make sure I set my alarm to go off early so that I could be gone before they woke up.  That meant getting up at 5:30, since farmers are sometimes out the door by six.  That's a mistake I made once.  I didn't end up in any real danger, but the guy was not happy to find a stranger sleeping in his barn.

But no.  I just stared up at the skies for a while.  The stars were out, and the sky was beautiful.  I can find the Big Dipper and Little Dipper, but that's about it.  Mostly, I just stared at the moon, shifting from seeing the marks on it as the rabbit or the Man in the Moon.  Lily was the one who taught me how to see the Man in the Moon.  I could only see the rabbit for the longest time.  It's frustrating, trying to figure out an optical illusion like that, but she managed to help me figure it out.

But now I'm moving again.  Thumbing my way up north.  I should make it to a city by the end of the day.  Maybe I can jack someone's wifi while I'm there.  The linksys gods have smiled on me before.  Maybe they will again.


  1. Linksys gods? You sound like a guy that is just too serious about everything. Lighten up.

  2. You are right, winter is almost over. Soon it will be spring and then summer. And we should make it a good summer. An invincible summer.