Monday, September 3, 2012

It's Time to Duel?

I've been training with Raggedyman some more.  It's going better.  I still don't have enough aggression to do well offensively, but my self-defense skills have improved.  Like he said over on his blog, I'm staying longer than we had planned because the heat's been terrible.  I'm used to heat as much as I am to cold by this point, but he refuses to let me leave.  I guess it makes sense as you can always bundle up a little more when it's cold, but heatstroke will kill you.

But what I'm here to talk about is this weird thing he can do.  He had mentioned something about experiments with Yu-Gi-Oh! cards and I decided to ask him about it.

He has a better explanation up on his blog but here are the basics the best I understood them: there are these things he calls dimensional patches that spring up whenever Fears like the Slender Man try to brute-force their way here from their original dimensions.  I think it might also result in dimensional bleeding or something along those lines but I'm not quite sure what the connection is.  But there's a lot of energy from the Fears' dimensions that leaks through in these patches, and apparently that energy can be channeled.  Raggedy told me that he could manifest the powers of the Yu-Gi-Oh! card there.  Make them come to life somehow.

I was skeptical of course.  Who wouldn't be?  But he showed me a few days later.  We went to an old cemetery surrounded by a bunch of trees where one of these patches was.  He pulled out a Yu-Gi-Oh! duel disk and I stayed skeptical right up to the point that he actually started summoning monsters with it.  He had me try after he went but it didn't work for me.  I guess I'm just not special like that but that's okay.  I'm doing fine just how I am.

Right after that we had to leave.  We could only stay about six minutes because the effects of the place started taking their toll on me.  I started feeling really shaky and my vision started swimming a bit and my nose started to bleed.  Raggedy says that it's normal for that to happen.  Apparently he can last for about nine now, even though he only used to be able to last about seven.  From what I've gathered it wasn't giving me memory problems though.  Raggedy apparently had memory problems.  I still feel like I let him down, though.

There was one thing I didn't tell Raggedy about though.  I probably should have mentioned it to him so that he didn't have to find out from the blog, but I wasn't sure if it was real or a hallucination.  I could have sworn that as we left, I saw someone in the branches of one of trees surrounding the cemetery.  They disappeared behind the trunk as soon as I saw them, but I was sure I saw someone up in the trees.


  1. Never tell yourself that you're not special, Kenny. Everyone is special to some extent. Just because you're not special in some specific way doesn't mean that you're useless or a disappointment.

    You have potential to do great things, Kenny. All you have to do is believe in yourself.


  2. Don't beat yourself up Kenny. I think there's something you are capable of manifesting. It's just gonna' be a bit of trial and error y'know.

    Also you really should have mentioned that to me. Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if it was one of The Grigori's Eyes. But if not...I'll be sure to keep my eyes a little more open.

  3. I'm going to sugest the same thing here I did on Raggedyman's blog. I doubt you can get your hands on a Sakobato but maybe before you leave you should grab a bokken and head back to that place to see if you can bust out some of Kenshin's physically impossible sword moves in a place like that. It may have been less a lack of specialness on your part and more a lack of connection to what you trying to do.

  4. You know what you should focus on at that location? Your dead girlfriend. See if you can manifest that.

    I bet she screams at you. I bet she's still angry.

    1. Swan.
      Being mean does not suit you.

      As for aggression, Wanderer,
      imagine one of those
      manly man characters
      in an anime.

      You know how they shout?
      Focus your energy into it,
      and then attack.

      When I started training with Salome,
      it helped a little.

    2. I was being serious. I bet he can manifest her.